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Your data, your creation is you — it’s irreplaceable

You put yourself on the line every single day by stepping out and daring to share your vision with the world. So if you end up losing your data because you’re using unreliable drives, you’re literally losing parts of yourself. Creative professionals deserve reliable, long-lasting storage solutions built specifically for their industry needs and working environments. Seagate as a creator ourselves, are dedicated to save every moments with you.

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Unveil the Mystery of “Nina Wu” Image Backup Techniques

As technology continues to advance, filmmakers have moved from traditional film to digital storage, and they now face the challenge of reimagining their workflow with mass storage requirements. As a DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) for the Midi Z (Chao Te-yin) film “NINA WU”, Awen Lin has chosen to break from convention by creating a unique backup method that benefits from the flexible use of hard drives, to ensure the quality of the footage and secure backups on set.

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See How Seagate Solutions Helped Create Season 2 of the Thriller CODE

“Our dream is to create a sci-fi show that people can immerse themselves in.” In order to accomodate the 8k filing requirements, a need occurs for mass storage. Director David decided to go exclusively with Seagate storage solutions for production, trusting Seagate to safeguard the fruits of our labor.

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Seagate and director Chia-Lung Chan join forces to protect the beauty of peuple butterflies

Global warming has forced butterflies to migrate north, in search of a more hospitable climate. How, then, do we as humans survive in this changing environment?

— Director CHAN, CHIA-LUNG

Chia-Lung Chan has been committed to the cause of butterfly conservation in Taiwan all his life. Over the years, he has made efforts to achieve this goal in many different ways, including his early years researching butterflies, and offering training to volunteers who work with Euploea. He has also worked to restore the Euploea habitats, for which he lobbied related governmental agencies to advocate for their conservation.

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