Jeonju International Film Festival – QSAN XN3004T Review

Korea is establishing itself as a cultural powerhouse having several K-pop and independent and commercial films being showcased at an array of concerts and film festivals globally. Over time, domestically popular Korean films such as “The Man from Nowhere,” “Along with the Gods,” “Oldboy,” and “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance” have put Korea on the map as a hub for quality creative film production.

▲ Jeonju Intl. Film Festival

This year marked the Jeonju Intl. Film Festival’s 19th iteration of the film festival since it was first held in 2000. At this festival, participants may enjoy various movies that are not tied down to any conventional cinematic customs. Additionally, it is a place where participants may freely form their own opinions and connect with others by sharing their impressions. Jeonju Intl. Film Festival is being redefined as an international film festival of worldwide importance because of its focus on sharing the vision of filmmakers and their viewpoint of the world without placing limitations on their political or artistic expression.

“The Land on the Waves” was one of the works presented at the Jeonju International Film Festival. It contains themes concerning the modern ideological conflicts within Korea and shows the chronology of pain that has passed down through three generations of families that were involved in the 1967 abduction of a fisherman to North Korea, after he was falsely accused of being a spy. Munseong, who travels down to his hometown of Gunsan to meet his extremely ill father, Gwangdeok, and Dojin, Munseong’s son, fill the void caused by the violence and conflicts of the country’s elites.

▲ The Land on the Waves

▲ The Land on the Waves

“The Land on the Waves” was selected as a Jeonju Cinema Project (JCP), an investment and production project of the Jeonju International Film Festival. The film was first shown as a “World Premiere” at the Jeonju International Film Festival that year. Director Tae-gyu Kim won the Grand Prize in the Korean Competition Section at the 18th Jeonju International Film Festival in Korea for his first feature film, “The Seeds of Violence” (2017). He also wrote the script and directed his second feature film, “The Land on the Waves”.

The feature-length film “The Land on the Waves” was filmed using a suite of digital equipment, and as is the case with all filmaking, the correct management of data during the shooting process is fundamental. The advantage of digital cinematography is that digital images can establish a more intense relationship with the audience because the images and sounds can be expressed in greater depth, as intended by the director, than the previously used film cinematography.

Keeping data secure is so important that there is a profession within data management called Digital Image Technician (DIT). The technology is changing to such an extent as to provide a new paradigm for movies. This is because reliable management of data has become so important that it now affects the end result of the project’s outcome.

▲ The Land on the Waves

A large amount of video data is repeatedly generated while shooting and editing in tight schedules. This data is extremely important so any changes or damage to the data must be avoided. Therefore, the video data of “The Land on the Waves” was stored on Seagate’s IronWolf NAS-only storage and managed by QSAN’s X-Cube (NAS).

Through QSAN’s network-based X-Cube (NAS), video data from filming in studios and at outdoor shooting locations were securely and quickly stored on Seagate’s IronWolf via the network. Apart from shooting the movie itself, filming requires a great amount of data from repetitive monitoring through communication with actors and also repetitive yet selective takes to achieve the best shot. Therefore, a large amount of video must be stored in a stable manner and requires a lot of care and attention because of the large volume. Seagate’s IronWolf is capable of achieving this. This level of data reliability is provided at all stages of film production, from planning with the storyboard and synopsis to the shooting of the film itself, all the way through to editing.

▲ Seagate’s IronWolf HDD

Seagate’s IronWolf is the perfect partner for real-time editing and data transfer. It can be involved in everything from filmmaking and trailer production to digital video-based work. Together with the full compatibilities of QSEN’s X-Cube (NAS), it allows you to create movies from scratch without needing to do work through separate platforms.

Seagate, with the Korean company WITHNIT, contributed to the production of the film, “The Land on the Waves,” using IronWolf. Seagate has provided an environment that enables a smooth operation without slowing down or discontinuing the transmission or checking of data, even when numerous parties are connected to the NAS.

Also, data recovery services were provided through the Rescue Data Recovery Plan so that any important data for video production could be recovered if it was damaged. It is possible to use private restoration companies for data recovery services but there is always the possibility of internal information being leaked. However, Seagate helps the user feel secure and allows them to focus on making movies by quickly reacting to the loss of recordings caused by accidental data corruption with its exhaustive security protocols and high recovery rates.


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