Innovated by Technology, Wiwynn Builds Safe Data Center with Seagate

The development of IoT, AI, and 5G, have innovated various new applications, and have also made information security an important issue. Therefore, more and more companies adopt data security into their criteria of planning and building data centers, rather than wait until the data center is completed then start considering about strengthening defense.

The development of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and 5G, have created different kinds of applications, such as self-driving vehicles, and have also made information security an unavoidable concern. The consequences caused by hackers invading the system are not just data leak or damage to corporate reputation, the worse is to affect everyone’s lives and even our own safety.

New Technology Drives the Need of Data Center Security

The importance of information security has drawn corporates’ attention as the arrival of the AI Era is constantly increasing the dependence on data. In 2018, Seagate published a report entitled “The Data Trend: Unleashing the Potential of AI,” which stated that companies may face various challenges in adopting AI, and information security is one of them. 94% of organizations believe that information security is critical to AI applications.

It is definite for data center to change in response to the trend of developing new technology applications. At present, more and more companies have incorporated information security into their criteria of planning and building data centers, instead of start considering how to strengthen defense after completed, while hard drive is a good example for this scenario.

Wiwynn, the major supplier of cloud data center in Taiwan, believes that hard drives are the most widely adopted storage device in data centers, due to the balance between cost, performance, and convenience to deploy. However, because hard drives are so popular, it has consequently been easily jeopardized, especially those deployed in on-site data centers or reginal data centers. Once been stolen, all information stored will be totally exposed.

To ensure the data security of servers, Wiwynn pays great attention to security technology when selecting suppliers of storage devices. For example, whether the hard drive has automatic encryption, whether has been verified by the US FIPS or international equivalence, whether it is compliance with the specification of Trade Agreements Act (TAA). The exclusive encryption technology developed by Seagate, the Seagate Secure, can absolutely meet the needs.

For instance, the storage server SV7000G2 and hard drive expansion cabinet ST7000G2 developed by Wiwynn, which share the same 4U chassis, are both equipped with Seagate hard drives, providing data center optimization of large data storage and application. Along with Seagate Secure, Wiwynn is capable of protecting the information for their customers.

The 4U chassis is a highly flexible design that can suits different needs. It can be used as a simple hard drive expansion cabinet for ST7000G2, and pairs with other external servers to meet the diverse needs of storage in data centers, Wiwynn specifies. For another, enterprises can choose to accommodate SV7000G2, which contains 1 or 2 built-in micro servers that eliminates the inconvenience of extra wiring when it comes to connecting external server and can also meet different storage requirements.

4 Features of Seagate Secure Amplifies Information Defense Mechanism in Hard Drives

The technology behind Seagate Secure can be divided into 4 major features. First of all, the AES encryption technology enables hard drives to automatically encrypt or decrypt all data stored on the hard drive without compromising performance. All programs related to data encryption and decryption, including user identity authentication or encryption key management, can be seamlessly managed through solutions introduced by software companies such as Symantec and IBM. As a result, even the hard drive is lost, the data stored will not be cracked due to encryption.

In addition, all Seagate encrypted hard drives features Instant Secure Erase (ISE), which allows users to erase data in a few second just with a simple command, helping companies to quickly replace hard drives. The standard of encrypted deletion that Seagate adapts has received approval and recommended by ISO and NIST, both are the major standard on the market.

Except for deleting data, users can also change the encryption key by command, which can turn al the data read into garbled code. Even the hard drive is later being recovered by third party, the data will be useless anyways. Correspondingly, companies do not need to rely on expensive overwriting procedures to erase data on the hard drives, while also maintain the integrity as warranty expires or returning for lease.

Thirdly, Seagate is the only hard drive supplier in the world to pass the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 Verification. FIPS is a standard regulated by the US Federal government, which is a higher-level encryption standard. Moreover, Seagate complies with the Common Criteria (CC), a set of evaluation regulation specified for information security products developed by the US, the UK, Germany, France, and Canada, and had been recognized as the ISO international standard (ISO/IEC 15408) in 1999. The ISO is recognized and certified by third-party labs around the world, and passed the highest level of IT product safety verification.

The fourth feature is Secure Download and Diagnostics (SD&D) technology, which prevents the hard drive firmware being damaged or modified from hackers by unauthorized access or retrieving system-level sensitive data.

Wiwynn Strengthens Hard Drive Information Defense Mechanism with the 4 Features of Seagate Secure

Wiwynn emphasized that the storage devices used in data centers are different from the products used in general businesses. Highly customized products are usually ordered by enterprise clients. This can include hardware, firmware, software, and even testing. Stability is another factor that often being requested, which takes an important role to meet specific performance needs and challenges under extreme environments.

Therefore, Wiwynn needs to have a deeper understanding to the trend and technology of hard drive and solid-state drive. Each year, Seagate holds technical forums to exchange the latest market information and technology guidance with Wiwynn, while providing the latest sample of SMR Host-Managed and Dual Actuator HDD to grant Wiwynn the chance for early testing and verification. By combining the high-quality technology and rich resources of both companies, it is promising to jointly develop innovative solutions, while enabling Wiwynn to share future trends and product development experiences to their clients and let them receive the best data service at the most competitive cost.

For these many reasons, Seagate has been selected as the Best Vendor of Wiwynn in 2018. In the future, Seagate is looking forward to keeping collaboration with Wiwynn, adhere to the core value of technology innovation. By understanding the needs of enterprises, and to combine the ideas with their own technology advantages, Wiwynn is not only capable of providing diversified data storage solutions with Seagate, but also make them create greater value by making good use of data.

The development of IoT, AI, and 5G have made data security an important issue. Seagate Secure, the exclusive encrypting technology developed by major storage device manufacturer, Seagate, obtains the features of automatic encryption hard drive, data deletion, meets international standards, supporting companies to build a safe data center.


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