Event Content Creation Powered by Seagate

Company Dark Sided
Location Australia
Contact https://www.darksided.pro/
Industry Esports Organisation

For the Australian eSports organisation Dark Sided, content is key for engaging with fans, expanding its brand and promoting its sponsors. The organisation is comprised of gaming teams which play across the biggest titles on the market including the widely popular Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter Strike and Rainbow Six Siege, to name a few. Its teams travel the country to compete in professional leagues which are broadcast live online and also captured to be used as Video On Demand content.

“At Dark Sided we believe that content creation is a really important aspect of eSports as it lets fans connect to their favourite players or teams in a creative manner,” said Steve Andreou, Dark Sided Management

Event Content Creation Powered by Seagate

while the management team also needed to be able to access data remotely. Many video projects need to be edited on location to meet community demand as the audience is hungry for content immediately after a match. Whether it is a highlight reel, play of the game, or informative commentary, punctuality is a driving force for maximum engagement and effective coverage.

When looking to upgrade their storage systems, capacity and speed were the core drivers, with reliability and security considered crucial as well. Seagate IronWolf drives, designed specifically for 24/7 performance, allow Dark Sided to run always-on, always-accessible NAS systems. In a system under heavy use, this has also provided superior confidence in drive reliability and peaceof-mind data security.

To meet the storage requirements and help improve their content pipeline, Seagate provided Dark Sided with its high capacity 14TB IronWolf drives. Being available in sizes ranging from 1TB to 14TB makes IronWolf drives a powerhouse for all types of content creators across various price points, and this allows Dark Sided to upgrade their systems to the highest degree possible as they grow.

“Without these mass storage solutions, Dark Sided wouldn’t be able to store the terabytes of 4K footage we’ve collected in the last year,” said Steve Andreou. “There’s more than enough room on [the] drive for me to film without thinking about where it all will need to be stored and I can hold on to off cuts and unused material should I ever need them in the future.”

4K video footage (ProRes UHD) is captured at approximately 5.3GB per minute through most DSLR cameras, with in-game captured footage averaging around 2GB per minute, depending on compression codecs. eSports matches can run for varying times depending on which game is being played but, on average, a single match between two teams might run for at least an hour. Across all teams and all games in which Dark Sided competes, this amount of storage adds up quickly. Thankfully, for the foreseeable future, the content team are no longer restrained by storage limitations and are free to concentrate on creating compelling and engaging video content to help grow its community.

” Without these mass storage solutions, Dark Sided wouldn’t be able to store the terabytes of 4K footage we’ve collected in the last year.”

Steve Andreou Dark Sided Management


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