Company: EJTee
Location: Singapore
Contact: https://www.ejtee.com/
Industry: Calligraphy

EJ is a hand lettering artist who is based in Singapore. After graduating in Graphics Design, he worked as a product designer for agencies and tech companies before quitting his fulltime job to pursue his passion for hand lettering. Now, he creates bespoke pieces of art commissioned by corporate and private clients, often using different mediums to help bring brands to life. Pursuing his passion for hand lettering has allowed EJ to help brands communicate with customers in a creative way. To EJ, nothing is more satisfying than creating unique pieces of art from scratch and watching every masterpiece develop its own distinctive character. He is also a traditional sign painting enthusiast who practices avidly in his free time.

EJ works with a wide variety of clients, from fitness studios and wedding events to international retailers such as Hugo Boss, Cartier, Jo Malone, and Lulu Lemon. This diversity demands continuous creativity from EJ meaning he is constantly working on new styles, fonts, themes, and ideas appropriate to his clients and their projects. With clients engaging him across countries, EJ needs to work efficiently to keep on top of his workload while also having access to his in-progress projects and inspirational materials.

Working on multiple projects simultaneously while travelling has led to EJ integrating Seagate’s IronWolf NAS drives into this process. Hosted in a Synology DS-718+, the drives allow him to securely access and backup his files wherever he goes while safely storing his data at home in case his luggage is lost or stolen. EJ is now able to revisit projects at leisure without worrying about losing the only copies or having to remain at his base of operations in Singapore.

The IronWolf drives also prove effective in organising and sharing EJ’s files with clients, providing a convenient database for his clients to remotely access based on the visibility he gives them on chosen files and folders. With their designed durability for constant multi-user operation, regardless of difference in time zones or busy schedules, EJ and his clients are able to access his projects whenever they choose. IronWolf Health Management goes one step further to ensure any issues are prevented by monitoring the health and conditions of the drives, avoiding potentially catastrophic losses of data.

As EJ’s work progresses, the ability to store such a large capacity of data on his IronWolf drives gives him the flexibility he needs for the increasing number of files he will use as his business grows. Seagate’s constant improvements in drive capacity and performance, in conjunction with the simplicity of data transferability between NAS drives, means EJ’s business is future-ready and can upgrade with ease when the time comes.

“I am able to efficiently organise and share my files with my clients, [and] Seagate’s IronWolf Health Management system actively protects my NAS so that I can now focus on my creative projects,” said EJ.

With his core business in control, EJ conducts hand lettering workshops for team building events, and he hopes that the local community of like-minded artists will grow as he shares his passion, one stroke at a time.



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