Creating World Class Time-lapse Films – Shot Worldwide, Made in Denmark

FIRSTLAPSE is a professional production company specialising in broadcast-quality time-lapse photography designed to showcase the world from a unique and stunning perspective. Since founding the company in 2017, Danish Photographers Henrik Matzen & Jonas Høholt, have travelled the world to create incredible video projects comprised of thousands of photographs and months of work.

In 2017 they were the official time-lapse photographers of European Capital of Culture for Aarhus 2017 where they captured one of the greatest ceremonies in the history of Denmark from the rooftops above the crowd. In 2018, the pair spent 9 months producing ‘A Taste of Taiwan’, a 1:30 min long time-lapse video highlighting the beauty of Taiwan, its culture and people. Venturing back to Taiwan in 2019, ‘A taste of Taiwan II’ is due to be released as an official tourism video of Taiwan Tourism and EVA AIR.

“Shooting time-lapse requires a lot of high resolution photos to make a short time-lapse video. For example, a single day-to-night sunset time-lapse can easily exceed 15GB of data,” said FIRSTLAPSE co-founder Jonas Høholt. “It is important to us to have fast, high capacity and reliable hard drives to work with and to store our footage.”

For FIRSTLAPSE, capacity was paramount when deciding on which drives to deploy in their NAS environment since time-lapse photography requires massive amounts of storage to execute. One scene, consisting of 10 seconds of footage, can comprise more than 1000 high resolution RAW image files. An entire time-lapse production, which plays back in a couple of minutes, can easily exceed 5TB of data.

A Taste of Taiwan II is currently in production and already takes up almost 7TB of storage space from the sheer number of images they have captured across all the locations they have been shooting. This is a great deal of valuable data which needs to be protected and available for use when required.

“Our data is our business so we need to make sure that it is backed up any time, any day,” said FIRSTLAPSE co-founder Henrik Matzen. “Choosing reliable hard drives is really important to us. We often travel around the world and need to access our data [remotely], so we need to make sure they are accessible and always online in our NAS system.”

To track the health of the drives, Seagate includes the IronWolf Health Management (IHM) suite which constantly monitors the NAS system and alerts the user of potential issues before they become problematic. The drives are also backed by a confident 3 year warranty, making them a great choice for keeping important data safe.

“With the Seagate IronWolf Heath Management software, our hard drives are constantly monitored to ensure our valuable data is protected in our NAS system. This means that our system reliability is increased because we are alerted in case of a hard drive failure,” said Jonas Høholt.


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