Competitive NAS Storage Without Compromise – Nimbustor 2 and Nimbustor 4

The Asustor Nimbustor 2 and Nimbustor 4 are the first NAS products on the market to replace the traditional 1GbE ports with a dual 2.5GbE configuration. Equipped with the newest Intel Celeron Gemini Lake dual-core and quad-core CPUs combined with a dual-channel expandable DDR4 memory, these powerful systems combine outstanding performance with round-the-clock reliability to deliver a low-cost and highly efficient storage solution.

▲ The Nimbustor 2 and Nimbustor 4 feature powerful hardware to boost performance up to 30% while consuming 40% less power.

Advanced hardware decoding greatly decrease CPU usage to enhance smooth streaming and playback of videos in formats such as VP9 10bit Profile2/HEVC. In addition, the HDMI 2.0a output allows you to play 4K HDR videos or stream content on massive screens for a truly cinematic experience.

▲ Asustor’s link aggregation technology provides up to a 5Gbe bandwidth for the ultimate edge.

Unleash Your Fighting Spirit

Brand new design of theNimbustor 2 and Nimbustor 4 combines both style and substance, making it the perfect choice for any esports setup.

▲ New esports-style ADM interface offers a large selection of desktop themes for a refreshing and personalized look.

Combine Nimbustor 2/Nimbustor 4 and Seagate® IronWolf® 110 SSD for Ultimate Performance

Nimbustor 2/Nimbustor 4 feature dual 2.5GbE ports for today’s high-performance network switches. Asustor’s link aggregation technology helps you achieve a 5GbE bandwidth for the smoothest and fastest storage access. The Seagate® IronWolf® 110 SSD is the first SSD designed for a professional-grade NAS. DuraWrite™ technology brings high performance and reliability with remarkably low power consumption, while its single drive offers sustained sequential access speeds as high as 560MB/s. The Seagate® IronWolf® 110 SSD combines with the Nimbustor 2/Nimbustor 4 series to give any esports competitor uncompromised performance.

Nimbustor 2 Performance

Nimbustor 4 Performance

IronWolf 110 SSD Performance

Esports Storage Solution

Stream and Play in High Definition with your Ultimate Storage Sidekick

The Nimbustor 2 and Nimbustor 4 are compatible with the largest hard drives and SSDs currently on the market. In addition to providing vast amounts of storage space, the iSCSI LUN allows players to flexibly assign storage space on the NAS to their local machines.

Asustor tests indicate that a NAS equipped with the Seagate® IronWolf® 110 in link aggregation mode and a RAID 5 configuration can reach iSCSI sequential access speeds that rival those of a direct local machine with access via Windows. Whether installing large files* or making changes to your setup, restoring and getting back into your game is a snap. You can rely on fast and stable storage access even in the middle of a gaming session. *Games with lower hardware requirements will produce the best results.

For those who like to record their gameplay, you can save your 4K HDR gaming sessions directly to the NAS via iSCSI LUN without affecting gameplay.

Never worry about your videos disappearing from Twitch or YouTube again! With the Asustor Takeasy app, you can manage and backup your videos directly to your NAS.


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