Case Study of the QSAN XN5004R with Techwin

A video surveillance system is a system used to prevent crime, monitor disasters, and protect the lives and assets of corporations and people. It is comprised of cameras, transmission devices, and storage and play devices, and is widely applied to a range of fields. In recent years, we are quickly seeing the advancement of technology allow for the development of a network-based intelligence system that is capable of recognizing and tracing the special characteristics of objects or people through a video system, as well as providing a simple surveillance of the surroundings.

This is enabled by cameras which provide an immediate and proactive response for the safety of the city, its members and facilities. Smart analysis, based on deep learning, is conducted on the footage generated by the security cameras, and conducted via multi-channel, high-resolution, and intelligent image analysis software.

This is the foundation on which video surveillance companies have grown, starting with HIKVISION and including companies like Honeywell Security & Fire and Bosch Security Systems. The security surveillance market is showing steady growth and is progressing, both domestically and internationally, through AI and deep learning-based analysis.

Due to this market growth, the IP camera and specialized camera (thermal imaging/3D) markets are growing. There is a rise in the demand for instant AI and deep learning-based image data analysis of collected data, as well as for secure data storage and faster data transmission speeds. Such increases in demand mean that, as the security market, in addition to the camera market, also becomes diversified through things like face, fingerprint, iris, and vein recognition, the need for appropriate allocation of related statistical data, efficient management, and secure storage has grown. The storage market is being developed by meeting these needs.

Techwin ( is a subsidiary of the Hanwha Group. Based on its world-class video technologies, Techwin has a wide range of business areas it is involved in, including video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and comprehensive uses that range from urban security, roads, airports, harbors, industrial facilities, and military protection facilities.

▲Hanwha Techwin

Techwin has a full lineup of surveillance cameras and storage devices, as well as integrated control software and intelligent image analysis software. Techwin has its own chipset development and lens optics technology that influences the performance of CCTV. On top of that, Techwin is the No. 1 company in the Korean market with over 120 agencies and 5,000 partners in 60 countries, and also has a partnership with Seagate.

Techwin has used these technologies before on a project to establish a NAS system and a VMS solution based on an IP camera for a Korean chemical company. The demands of the chemical company were to have better backup, efficient video data management and storage, and organic data linkage between the NAS systems compared to its previous system.

Two products were used as solutions: the QSAN XN5004R and for the storage, IronWolf, a NAS-only storage. Seagate’s IronWolf has robust durability that saves the high-definition video data of the enterprise IP camera without any bottlenecks.

Also, using data mirroring through QSAN’s XMirror technology that includes synchronization between NAS systems, consistent data management and availability is provided to administrators by ensuring the original and the copy data are not damaged. In a harsh environment where the saving of data occurs 24/7, 365 days a year, Seagate’s IronWolf saves data efficiently, quickly, and in a stable way.

Additionally, Seagate’s Nytro SSD cache is used to flexibly respond to a large-scale cache before it occurs. IronWolf’s durability and Nytro’s own enhanced durability provide effective TCO to companies.

Additionally, Seagate provides a data recovery plan called Rescue which restores data if system or storage problems occur due to unavoidable internal and external factors in system operation, such as lightning, fire, or a heavy impact. The data recovery service is based on Seagate’s own technology as a storage manufacturer, thus providing both high recovery rates and security.

▲Seagate IronWolf HDD


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