Case study of QSAN XN5012R with Planit Production

We are exposed to a plethora of advertisments each and every day, including ads that are designed to inform audiences, and ads that are designed to incite emotion within audiences. Despite their commonality, the creation of an advertisement is complex, and requires input and teamwork from a team of a people in order for it to capture the right tone and message within the visual representation.

▲ Planit Production

Planit Production ( is a creative production company in Korea that produces a range of multimedia advertisements and has grown to attract attention from many international advertising fairs around the world. The portfolio of Planit Production includes unique advertisements starring popular female K-pop artists, and actors, and trendy advertisements that attract people’s attention by using miniatures and 3D images.

The creation of a good quality ad, always behins with a brilliant idea, and the communication between the people who curate this content is fundamental to the ad’s success. Delivering a unique but relatable message is not an easy task, but Planit Productions is consistently delivering excellent results.

Planit Productions achieves this by having a strategic perspective on TV commercials and video ads, and has invested in a lot of technology and ideas. It has also built a system to help actualize its ideas by using QSAN’s X-cube (NAS) for easy access to data among managers in order to facilitate the discussion of ideas.

QSAN’s X-Cube (NAS) 12-bay is based on Seagate’s EXOS 10 TB HDD and is configured with RAID 6. It is designed to distribute data across all hard disks to minimize bottlenecks and increase data reliability, so it has great performance, reliability, and capacity.

Excellent reliability is provided with its system configuration for recovering data even when there is an issue in the HDD due to distributed storage. This minimizes data corruption that may occur while saving ads and videos due to reshooting and frequent modifications. Excellent data stability is provided to the creators for a stress-free and seamless environment for preserving data. This is one of the advantages manifested in Seagate’s EXOS, an enterprise HDD.

▲ RAID 6

During the production of an advertising video, many different discussions take place leading to the creation of several different versions. Therefore, we have built a system that can support the production according to the characteristics of the processor by providing reliable data storage to the customer and the producer.

The advantages of Seagate’s EXOS are that it can minimize the time wasted on agreeing on decisions between teams from a slow system and enable more efficient and creative videos through enhanced feedback. The use of a system with parallel configuration provides fast data transmission speeds, even if a large number of users access the data. This enables quick feedback when collecting opinions.

QSEN’s X-cube (NAS) has its own WORM function that protects data from being changed for a certain period of time. It provides special functions to protect specific data from external ransomware by allowing data access but preventing changes or deformation to the data.

Completing creative work requires efficient time management and flexible coordination between teams. Planit Production supports QSAN’s NAS and Seagate’s EXOS for the features needed to complete the highest quality creative work, and provides many advantages.

▲ Seagate’s EXOS HDD


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