Redbit Pictures Creates Wonderful Stories with Videos

The QNAP TVS-1282T NAS is the solid foundation for Redbit Pictures’ work environment. It allows the creators to pour their enthusiasm and energy into creative works and bring more excitement and inspiration to their audience.

Picture is better than words, imagery speaks by itself

Redbit Pictures Creates Wonderful Stories with TVS-1282T

“As directors, we don’t limit ourselves to image types; we want to use pictures to tell the story.”


Redbit Pictures was founded in 2011 by several academic men who were passionate about imagery.

As talented storytellers, they use their experiences from the student era to create movies, short films, advertisement, VR and the currently most popular live broadcasts.

The works of Redbit Pictures are well-known, not only their movies, short films, and advertisements have won many awards at home and abroad, their Internet traffic has also exceeded 100 million hits.


Guo Zongwei, the producer of Redbit Pictures, said: “Recording, backup, recording, backup, this is the most common process in every production.”

Taking advertising as an example, each production needs at least one 3.5-inch hard disk with 6-bay external hard disks, and the whole day’s shooting will take up about 1TB storage space.

RAID 0 array is usually used for fast storage outside of the studio. “Sometimes accidents do happen and then it would have to be backed up again.”

Wang Wei, a Redbit Pictures producer, added.

In addition, media works must have at least two backups. Besides the production needs of relevant personnel, footages must also be kept for two years after the end of each project. Over time, the studio becomes cluttered with various hard disks.

Guo Zongwei also said: “In the past, not only backup takes time, it is also quite time-consuming to retrive files.”

Finding files among hundreds of hard drives is like finding a needle in a haystack. It is especially labor intensive when editing footages, so managing files is also an urgent challenge.


Redbit Pictures uses QNAP® TVS-1282T high-speed Thunderbolt™ NAS as the storage center for the studio.

The TVS-1282T uses Intel® 7th Generation 14 nm processor for a 3-in-1 Thunderbolt™ DAS, NAS and IP-SAN storage solution for Mac users to ideally handle high-quality image processing, file storage and fast sharing.

The 14TB Seagate® IronWolf® Pro high-capacity HDDs and the world’s first IronWolf® 110 NAS SSDs are not only capable of 24/7 operation, but with greater performance and stability than conventional drives.

Qtier smart automatic tiered storage & SSD optimized access performance

Qtier is a tiered storage architecture of QNAP NAS that automatically moves data to the appropriate hard disk layer based on access frequency to make full use of storage space features.

SSD caching technology accelerates random access IOPS and reduces latency, and supports a wide range of file read and write requirements.

TVS-1282T can simultaneously install high-speed SSDs and high-capacity HDDs, and use the above technologies to effectively use NAS storage space and accelerate Redbit Pictures’ workflow.

Quickly share files and instant online view

Regardless of field shooting, audition, or post-editing, images must be transferred quickly. Both File Station and Qfile Mobile App for the QNAP NAS can quickly access files over the network.

The private cloud storage feature allows Redbit Pictures to set file and folder permissions for external partners to upload or download files and reduces the risk of loss of physical delivery.

Thunderbolt high-speed transmission for improved production efficiency

Media file sizes are usually big, and it takes a long time to transfer back and forth. However, through Thunderbolt™ technology, Redbit Pictures colleagues can transfer files to the NAS and edit them directly with their Mac.

Redbit Pictures has configured RAID 6 disk arrays on TVS-1282T, which not only has a large capacity, but also has a transmission speed exceeding 900MB per second, thus greatly enhancing the workflow.

Seagate® IronWolf®: high-performance and stable

Seagate® has introduced IHM on IronWolf hard drives to monitor hard drive status for user to remain worry-free.

The IronWolf 110 NAS SSDs use the DuraWrite™ technology to improve performance and reliability. In addition, the AgileArray™ technology also helps NAS to maintain stability and reduce power consumption.

Stardom SR8-TB3 Extreme high speed on-site back-up

Aside from using NAS as the main storage device, Redbit Pictures also introduced Stardom’s SR8-TB3 as a high speed on-site working station. Along with eight 4T seagate IronWolf hard drives, Redbit Pictures may adjust on the settings flexibly based on the requirements. Raid 5 or 6 are both applicable for back-up and Raid 0 is best utilized to speed up the post-production process with Thunderbolt™ 3.0.


Redbit Pictures is very satisfied with the TVS-1282T. It not only effectively solves the previous file backup problems, but also efficiently centralizes data management through media file permission setting in the NAS. Coupled with IronWolf 110 NAS SSDs and IronWolf Pro HDDs, it is both high-performance and stable.

The QNAP TVS-1282T NAS and Seagate IronWolf hard drives are the solid foundation for Redbit Pictures’ work environment. It allows the creators to pour their enthusiasm and energy into creative works and bring more excitement and inspiration to their audience.


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